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Google cracks down on all non friendly mobile websites.


With over 60% of all searches being carried out online via a mobile device, Google announced that in April 2015 your website has to be mobile friendly or you will start seeing your website move down the ranking position in the mobile search. In short Google doesn't want to show non mobile websites on page one of the mobile search engine.

Why is this happening?

When users access Google search engine via a mobile device Google only wants to show the best websites.  The best websites in Googles eyes are those that are mobile friendly, which makes complete sense.

You can read the article that breaks this down mobile friendly website.

We have our development teams on standby and we are ready to assist your company in making your website mobile friendly.

If you have a non mobile friendly website you can take advantage of our Mobile Friendly Website service, our development team will turn your current website into a mobile friendly website. We then provide you with a link to preview the mobile version of your website, if you’re happy you’ll be provided with a snippet of code that you or we can place on your current site. This code detects when your visitor is on a mobile device and seamlessly redirects them to the mobile website. This provides Google what it's looking for.

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5 Steps to a Mobile Friendly Website

  1. We test your current website
  2. Convert your current website to a 'mobile-friendly' version
  3. Send you a link to preview & to sign off
  4. We send you two lines of code which will redirect traffic using a mobile device to your mobile website
  5. Your 'mobile-friendly' website goes live, you avoid the Google penalty

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With 66% of all traffic online accessing Google via a mobile device you can't afford not to be mobile friendly.

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